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What can you expect from private tuition?

Ages 16+ | One-to-one English classes

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A programme of your own

If you would like to arrange a one-to-one course, please contact us.

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Prices start from £60 per hour (60 minutes).


Student revising for English language exam in Learning Centre at Studio Cambridge


A photo of our main school at Studio Cambridge on Station Road
Students talk and laugh as they leave school on their bikes after English lessons at Studio Cambridge
Students chat to each other in the Studio Cambridge garden after lessons
Students laugh in class at Studio Cambridge
A teacher addresses his students in an adutl class at Studio Cambridge
A student in the learning centre at Studio Cambridge. There are books, computers, and learnign resources here.
A teacher points to a text book to help explain to a student. Adult class at Studio Cambridge
Students chat in the Studio cafe over lunch. Lunch is avsilbe Monday to Friday at the cafe.
Adults in class at Studio Cambridge.
A teacher laughs and smiles with students in a class at Studio Cambridge
A teacher talks to students in an adult class at Studio Cambridge.
Students take a selfie on a punt in Cambridge on the River Cam.
Students cheer as they are bowling on an evening activity.

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